Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

The Rose-Wound

No one is immune from being wounded in life. The question concerning suffering is not what to do about it, but what to do with it. If you recognize the sacred nature of your wound and love it, God will rescue you. Regardless of the nature of your wound and the intensity of your pain and sorrow, your reverence will transform your wound into "the rose wound"-a gift from God. If you don't recognize the sacred nature of your wound, it will scar eventually and you will miss the opportunity to receive the message hidden in your vulnerability. If you recognize the sacredness of your wound, it will be an opening to your soul. Though you will be inflicted with more pain as the wound widens to permit the Spirit to enter, and you will reach your breaking point, at that moment you will be healed, for healing is embedded in God's wound. Follow me on Twitter: T. Byram Karasu, M.D. is the author of The Spirit of Happiness

"You are strongest at your breaking point"

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